Services Available

Type of Service                                                               Basic Pricing

 Press Release Writing  $25 USD for first 100 words, .40 each additional word
 Press Release Publishing

 Increased Distribution 
 $15 USD for 2; $25 USD for 4

  • Distribution prices depend on what features you require such as images and hyperlinks, and if you want to not have ads showing up on the same web page as your Press Release. The news site(s) you choose will have various options which I will need to have a clear idea of your needs and then research what is available and for what price.  There is a base research fee of $10/hour.  Everything else in distribution is negotiable.
 Hubpage Creation  $15 USD for first 300 words, .20 each additional word. A basic Hubpage will include 3 media images and/or videos.If you want additional images or video added it  will be .25 each additional.  Your Hubpage has no extra charge to include hyperlinks .


 Feature interview article on my blog:Inspiration and  Originality Underlined

  • Open to creatives: artists, authors, musicians etc.
 FREE –   Includes free social media promotion.

  • Approval for inclusion will be based on request volume and whether it meets my personal blog content criteria.
Follow-up interviews –  (after above)
  •  Must have new information to cover and 6 months since last interview.


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